“It might be brave to leave church, but it’s braver to rebuild church.”

-Ched Myers

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What does it look like to make space for exploring the way of Jesus in everyday life? Join us as we try to figure it out together.

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Build deep relationships for navigating the obstacles of everyday life.

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A crazy and collaborative vision to make space for Richfield to gather.

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Come as you are. Seriously.

The word “church” can elicit strong feelings, thoughts, and memories that have led many people to (often for good reason) walk away from an institution. But Community Church Richfield (CCR) is focused on making space for people to explore the way of Jesus in everyday life. We invite you come as you are — holding faith and hope alongside doubt and despair, trusting Jesus and one another to be with us and for us on the ongoing journey.

Richfield is our home. Like many neighborhoods and cities, it is a place with incredible people and assets, but also very real needs — physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual. As a church exploring the way of Jesus in everyday life, CCR seeks to come alongside others in our city to work towards promoting the common good and human flourishing.

Perhaps you are looking for a church to where you can feel safe in your own skin. Perhaps you’re looking for a place to connect with others. Or perhaps you are looking to be on the ground level of something that’s making a real impact in our world, both in Richfield and beyond. We think you’ll find each of these things at CCR.


Sunday Gatherings

On Sundays, we make space — in a variety of places and for a variety of purposes — for exploring the way of Jesus. We do this through teaching, music, guided prayer, and other engaging elements.


Community Engagement

Community partnerships and special events contribute to the peace and flourishing of our city.


Small Groups

Connect with and grow alongside others throughout the week in homes around the Twin Cities..

Easter and the Expanded Universe

Happy Easter! If you know anything about us at CCR, you’ll probably know that we like doing things a little bit differently. Sometimes that's because we just want to be different for different's sake, but usually because we want to offer something unique and...

In Defense of Anger

Some days come and go seemingly without any significance. Others are so overwhelmed with significance that they cannot possibly be contained to twenty-four hours. Friday, December 14, 2012 was a prime example of the latter. Getting way out ahead of the birth of our...

Clear as Mud

Humans confuse and frustrate me. I cannot understand why some people do what they do. I often cannot understand why I do what I do. Thankfully such confusion and frustration has not led me to insanity — though I still have my fair share of moments in which I would...

The Good Stuff

My one year old daughters do not share my affinity for Ta-Nehisi Coates.   This past Christmas, I sat back and read We Were Eight Years in Power, those uncultured neophytes were consumed by their stacks of That’s Not My… touch-and-feel books. While I learned more...

Consent and the Annunciation

(Editor's note: This piece was originally written on December 20, 2016.) Finally, with just a few weeks left of gasping breath, 2016 has given us something of redeeming quality. The 1940s holiday song “Baby It’s Cold Outside” is a story of a woman who wants to go home...