What Sets CCR Apart

Let’s get this out of the way now: CCR is not for everyone.

(Though we hope it’s for you.)

“Why start another church?”

This is an excellent question, one that we are asked and that we often ask of ourselves. When dreaming up CCR, we didn’t want to start another church. We wanted to start a new church.

We imagined a church for people for whom the “old way” of doing church no longer works (if it ever worked at all) but who still long for a community of faith with whom of follow Jesus in all its messiness. This community would, among other things, value…

… participation over production.
… formation over entertainment.
… engagement over attendance.
… formation over entertainment.
… good questions over easy answers.
… going deep over going big.
… journeying over arriving.


So we're forming a church where you can come as you are, making space for people to explore the way of Jesus in everyday life.

(Have we scared you off yet? It’s okay if we have.)

This might seem like nothing more than a flowery vision statement, but it has real implications. This is not, after all, a normal way of doing church. So here are something things you should know about us.

Intentionally practical.

From Gatherings to Groups to Goings, CCR is unabashedly practical. We take the radical words and way of Jesus seriously, convinced that they ought upend and unsettle every area of our lives. Believing the right things is only as good as your becoming.

Gatherings elements draw you in, asking you to examine the person being formed.

Teachings are deep and scholarly, asking you to engage the text, your mind, and your soul.

Groups bring you into relationship with other people, asking you to explore Jesus-shaped living in everyday life.

Goings have you look at the people and the places around you, asking how you might tangibly contribute.

Intentionally simple.

Just because something is good doesn’t mean it is good for us.

At CCR you won’t find a rock band, fancy technology, and layers of highly-trained greeters. We’re not trying to be the next big thing competing for your entertainment. In fact, we’d rather spend our financial and relational resources elsewhere.

What you’ll find instead is a warm environment and warm relationships — great music without the production, just enough elements to engage the senses, and friendly people who might be just as awkward as perhaps you are.

Intentionally small.

CCR is a new church, and like new churches we have a relatively small number of people. We intend to grow with the desire for more people to join us on the journey of following the radical way of Jesus, but we will constantly be breaking up into smaller units to focus on life-giving relationships.

Groups made up of 6-12 people organized by region will meet twice a month to encourage more focused relationships.

Additionally, our Gatherings will never grow larger than 100-120 people. Why? Because we won’t allow them to. Anything larger will make building and strengthening relationships increasingly difficult. Instead, we will use such growth as an opportunity to multiply (see below).

Intentionally multiplying.

Initially focusing exclusively on Richfield, we’ve found that what CCR is doing is helpful and encouraging to people all over the Twin Cities hoping to follow Jesus beyond the predominant model of church. As such, we hope to multiply Groups and eventually Gatherings in communities around the metro area.

Imagine CCR’s Gatherings in Richfield growing to 120 before commissioning 30+ people to launch a new Gatherings in other Twin Cities communities and asking the same questions about what it looks like to follow the radical way of Jesus in those places.