"You keep on using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."

Clarity matters. The following is a "dictionary" of terms that are used regularly around Community Church and might require some explanation.

“congregational” (adjective)

A church governed by its local congregation and leaders, freeing it to focus on ministry that is best for its given community. Community Church is a congregational church and part of the CCCC, a denomination of congregational churches that – despite their differences – believe they can make a greater impact together.


“church plant” (noun)

A new church started in a new community, designed to help new people become followers of Jesus and make an impact on their community. Community Church is not just another church, but a new church plant in and with Richfield. Our purpose is to connect disconnected people and help them in an ongoing pursuit of Jesus.


“children” (noun)

Gifts from God who give us a clearer picture of what our relationship with God ought to look like. Community Church welcomes children to worship with their families, but can also be checked in at CCR Kids. Birth through age 2 can be dropped off before the worship gathering, while ages 3-5 can exit immediately before the sermon.



“practice” (verb)

Actions that match beliefs. Community Church believes following Jesus means acting like him. We want to contribute to the peace and prosperity of Richfield, loving and serving the people around us as fellow sons and daughters of God.


“pursuit” (verb)

Following after something in an attempt to come near to it. Community Church is a gathering of people in pursuit of Jesus together. We are all trying to following what he said and did, but none of us are perfect … and shouldn’t pretend to be.

“streaming” (verb)

A new way of connecting with the world. For those who are unable to attend or need to step out of the service but don’t want to miss out on all that is happening, the worship gathering is streamed live to the CCR Kids area and Family Nursery.


“weekly” (adjective)

Happening once every seven days. Community Church has begun gathering for weekly worship, continuing to gather momentum and people committed to being part of a new church in Richfield.