Sundays at 9am in Richfield

"Nothing flashy but everything real."

The word “church” can elicit strong feelings, thoughts, and memories that have led many people to (often for good reason) walk away from an institution. But Community Church Richfield (CCR) is focused on making space for people to explore the way of Jesus in everyday life. We invite you come as you are — holding faith and hope alongside doubt and despair, trusting Jesus and one another to be with us and for us on the ongoing journey.

At CCR, our GATHERINGS are weekly opportunities to come together to encourage our personal and spiritual formation. Through music, prayer, teaching, readings, sacraments, and other celebrations, our aim is to foster our relationship with God and one another in order to be his faithful representatives in the places in which we find ourselves.


Join us each Sunday at 9am at Minnesota Capoeira Academy (6463 Lyndale Ave S).

Community Church Richfield


Small but Relational
As a new church trying to organically become a part of the fabric of Richfield, we are still a small group of people meeting in a fairly intimate space. Smallness and lack of anonymity can be a barrier for some, but we think our current size allows us to better place to build relationships. If you’re looking for a place where you can know people and be known, CCR might be for you.


**Our preview Gatherings will not have childcare available. We will have small activities for kids to do as well as spaces for young children to play in case they get restless.**

Many of us at CCR have children of our own and know the challenge of bringing kids to church. The good news: we give you options.

We warmly welcome children and their families to join us in worship. Activity sheets corresponding with the morning’s message are available to help kids stay engaged.

Not everyone connects with God in the same way. At Community Church, you will find a mix of older hymns with newer songs. The other elements of our Gatherings also look different from week to week, helping people find the avenues that promote their spiritual formation.

At Community Church, we take the Bible seriously — we want to be formed and transformed by these ancient words and the Word behind them. Learn about our current sermon series or listen/watch previous sermons to get a taste for the type of teaching you might hear at CCR.


Quality music without the production.


No childcare this week, but kids are welcome participants. Click to learn more.


Scholarly depth for practice in everyday life. Click to learn more.


Celebrating our young children by welcoming them as part of the church. Click to learn more.


Coffee and food always help strangers get to know each other.


Announcing the launch of new regional small groups. Click to learn more.


Helping us engage with God through engaging our senses.


More information about a new way of bringing out the best in Richfield. Click to learn more.