Where We Are

“The church absolutely belongs to a locality.” -Watchman Nee

On Sunday mornings, you can find us at 6463 Lyndale Ave S in Richfield, sharing the space with Minnesota Capoeira Academy.


Richfield is a first-ring suburb located on seven square miles just south of Minneapolis. Having enjoyed its greatest growth in the 1950s, however, the city feels much more urban than suburban. While the population has continued to hover around 35,000, Richfield is in the midst of major changes. The past decade has been marked by redevelopment and diversification along socio-economic, racial, and cultural lines. Young families are buying post-World War II homes and beginning to settle into this urban hometown.

Some of Richfield’s highlights include:

+Best Buy corporate headquarters

+Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport

+Veteran’s Memorial Park

+Wood Lake Nature Center

+Easy accessibility to anywhere in the Twin Cities via four major highways

Despite the fresh look that Richfield is taking on in recent years, there remains people disconnected from God, others, and their city. Given its size and location, Richfield is both a great place to live and an easy place to overlook. Some might even consider it “flyover country,” literally and figuratively. Not only do planes fill the air on their way to and from the airport, the major highways that cross section Richfield make it quick and easy to drive through without knowing it. What’s more, many families who once bought their first home and started their family choose to relocate elsewhere in pursuit of the American Dream.

With a strong commitment to place, Community Church is ready to help change that dream into one of intentionally relocating and reinvesting in and with Richfield.

Living in Richfield without embracing it as a place is a trend that CCR would love to help change.

+ Learn more about the Richfield Placemaking Project +

“The question that has to be asked about the Church and about every congregation is not: How big is it? How fast is it growing? How rich is it? It is: What difference is it making to that bit of the world in which it is placed? Is it actually functioning as a first-fruit, sign and instrument of God's new creation for that bit of the world?”

- Lesslie Newbigin, 'The Good Shepherd'