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500: Let Bad Religion Die

On October 31, 1517, a monk named Martin Luther stepped out and confronted a church that was abusing its power, taking advantage of the marginalized, and discrediting God’s ability to work through the everyday person. Thus began what the history books have called the Reformation, a bloody and tumultuous period during which the Western Church was confronted some of its deepest sins and accordingly took on new forms.

Exactly five hundred years later, many of the original “reforms” — both good and bad — have become sacrosanct and too celebrated to reconsider. But the world is changing and our practices of following Jesus must be willing to change with it. There are many things that can and must stand the test of time, but the Bible and Christian history make clear that one of the holiest exercises for the people of God is letting bad religion die with a dream that something more life-giving can bear fruit in its place.

Join us on select Sundays at 10pm this Fall as we explore what it looks like to continue living out the reformation.

October 15 – Fresh Words (1 Samuel 3.1-21)

November 12 – No Justice, No Peace (Amos 1.1-2, 5.14-24)

December 17 – The Anthem Protest (Daniel 3.1-30)