How We Do What We Do

In many ways, what we value is just as important as what we believe — they put flesh and blood on the things we claim to know. In everything we say and do, Community Church strives to live by these values.



Community Value

We need each other.

We are a diverse body made up of many parts, yet we recognize that following Jesus is a communal endeavor. We shape and are shaped by one another.


Practice Value 1Following Jesus means acting like him.
We want to contribute to the peace and prosperity of our city, loving and serving the people around us as fellow sons and daughters of God.


Simplicity ValueJust because it’s good doesn’t mean it’s good for us.
We focus on the great things we are called to rather than being distracted by good things. We focus on our calling over our potential.


Process Value 1 Process Value 1 copyWe are imperfect people trying to figure this out together.
We acknowledge that following Jesus is not a destination but an ongoing pursuit. We tackle the difficult questions of faith and challenge one another to take the next step towards centering our lives on Jesus.


Openness ValueWe welcome people to join us.
We show humility and flexibility as we welcome Jesus in the people around us. We practice hospitality and recognize that listening is often more important than speaking.